Kids DVD Leo Fitzpatrick Larry Clark

Kids DVD Leo Fitzpatrick Larry Clark
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A group of street-tough Manhattan teens fight, party, take drugs, have sex and scoff at the consequences in this unflinching account of one day in their lives. Larry Clark's controversial, bleak portrait of societal decay originally garnered an NC-17 rating, which the filmmakers surrendered, opting instead to release the film unrated.

Synopsis A bleak and uncompromising look at the dangerous world of New York street kids. The film focuses on the sexual experiences of Telly, a teen-aged seducer who desires only virgins. When Jennie -- who's had sex solely with Telly -- tests HIV positive, she frantically searches the city to tell him he's infected. Eventually, she finds him, but too late, for he's already deflowered his latest adolescent conquest.

Industry Reviews "...A brave and provocative piece of work..." - Recommended Premiere - Josh Rottenberg (02/01/1996)

"...The young cast is dynamite....Fresh and ferocious..." Rolling Stone - Peter Travers (08/10/1995)

"...Powerful....KIDS is a very brave film for daring to chip away at the taboos surrounding its subjects..." Sight and Sound - Leslie Felperin (05/01/1996)

"...Starkly sensational....Played by a ferocious cast of nonactors..." -- Rating: B Entertainment Weekly - Owen Gleiberman (07/21/1995)

"Disturbingly precise because it is so believable....[The] film has an exceptional visual quality..." Variety - Todd McCarthy (05/29/1995)

"...The movie sees this culture in such flat, unblinking detail that it feels like a documentary; it knows what it's talking about..." Chicago Sun-Times - Roger Ebert (07/28/1995)

Quotations "I have no legs! I have no legs!" -- song sung by guy with no legs