Curly Sue DVD James Belushi Alisan Porter Kelly Lynch

Curly Sue DVD James Belushi Alisan Porter Kelly Lynch
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Get the "Curly Sue" DVD and take off on a roller-coaster ride of fun and laughter. Actors Jim Belushi and Alisan Porter star as an adorable conning duo in this comedy film. In the movie "Curly Sue", wandering scam artist Bill dancer and his little street smart curly-haired sidekick "Curly Sue" con people not for profit but for daily survival, until one day they trick a beautiful lawyer Grey Ellison portrayed by Kelly Lynch in the hope of a free meal. Filled with some endearing moments of laughter and emotions, this comedy film focuses on the heartwarming relationship between Sue and Bill and Billís struggle to give her the best she deserves. Besides this wonderful movie, this DVD features a commentary and introduction by Alisan Porter. Directed by the late John Hughes, writer of some memorable films like Home Alone and 101 Dalmations, "Curly Sue" is a true family entertainer.