A Song Is Born DVD Danny Kaye Virginia Mayo

A Song Is Born DVD Danny Kaye Virginia Mayo
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A mere six years after Howard Hawks made "Ball of Fire" with Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck, Producer Samuel Goldwyn engaged Hawks to make a new, musical version of the story, this time starring Danny Kaye and Virginia Mayo. Kaye plays Professor Hobart Frisbee, a nave music scholar who, together with six other musicologists, is studying a strange new phenomenon known as jazz. While doing his research, Frisbee meets gangster moll Honey Swanson, a beautiful, tough-talking night club entertainer on the lam, who decides that the house where the seven scholars live would make for a great hide-out. So while the cops are searching for her to testify against her beau, she goes home with Frisbee and the gang. And Honey turns out to be just what this group of stodgy professors needs... as the house starts swinging and rocking with the sounds of jazz. That is, until her gangster boyfriend comes around to ruin the party.